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Class Expectations:

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Unidad 4 Etapa 3 (blue book)

4.3 Vocab List

Venn Diagram to Table Manners Video

Affirmative/Negative Presentation Affirmative/Negative Notes Handout

Affirmative/Negative Quickstart: Answers to affirmative/negative Quickstart:

"Gustar" Presentation "Gustar" Notes Sheet

4.3 Test Review

Unidad 5 Etapa 1

Vocab List

Notes on Reflexive Verbs: Reflexive Verbs Notes Sheet

Reflexive Verbs Whiteboard Practice Activity

Unidad 5 Etapa 2

Vocab List:

Notes on Direct Object Pronouns:

Notes on Indirect Object Pronouns

Notes on the Present Progressive

Notes on Affirmative Tú Commands

Notes on Negative Tú Commands

Commands Whiteboard Practice Activity


Study Guide Answers to Study Guide

Review Game for Final

Unidad 2.1

Childhood Vocab List

Notes on the imperfect tense

Imperfect Whiteboard Practice

Imperfect Practice Activity Answers to Imperfect Practice Activity

Snail Game Vocab Practice

Notes on the Long Form of Possessive Adjectives

Chispas Practice Game for Possessive Adjectives

BLUFF Review Game

Unidad 5.3

Vocab List

Notes on Preterit -ar Conjugations

Preterit Rhymes

Unidad 6.2

Notes on Demonstrative Adjectives:

Practice for Demonstrative Adjectives:

Link to Prezi for Irregular Preterit Groupings: IRREGULAR PRETERITS

Test Review Activity: